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About Gawtbass

I'm Graham Gawthorpe, I've been producing electronic music since 2012 or so. I play many instruments fluently. I grew up studying music through Suzuki academy mastering the Cello. I eventually started playing guitar which has been my most passionate instrument to play up to date. I produced my music mainly using FL Studio until mid 2018, an amazing Digital Audio Workstation developed by Image-Line. I was sponsored by Image-Line during 2016. The first label that I released my first original EP "Vivid Light" on was Future Follower Records. During 2013-2014, I started getting my music featured on top blogs, major media websites, Youtube & Soundcloud networks and channels. I aim to take #1 on the charts. I have been #1 on, along with I am the founder of labels. I release most of my original EP's and singles with The that i run Xinen & Pyramid. I have mainly been focusing on working on my own original music singles & EP's rather than collaborations. Now its 2018. My attitude has become a lot ,more confident and I love it. It helps me become my best. I am rapidly growing my followers and fans on my Soundcloud and my YouTube Channel and that makes me happy since I dedicate a lot of my time on producing music and I love the reactions of my loyal fans that enjoy the music! 2018 is my year.