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About Gawtbass

I am Graham R Gawthorpe

As a young man at age 7 years young, my amazing mother had signed me up to learn the cello with a very top notch music schools called Suzuki. There were phases within the schools education where you start off at the first book Suzuki lessons 1 for cello. Although there were many more instruments that are taught at Suzuki such as the guitar, flute, violin, viola and more.

I worked hard for about 7 years of extremely dedicated learning of at least 1 hour of personal practice per day and a total of 10 or so hours per week of class lessons, music theory and private lessons. I played concerts and did gigs with small groups at malls and classy events which was the most fun for me because I was making money as a kid at these gigs. Although I did learn a lot at Suzuki. I always had more of an iterest in rock music and mainly guitar.

I stopped taking cello lessons at about 14 years young and picked up my first guitar at the local shop in my small town where I grew up, in a small town named Lake Zurich. I grabbed a fender guitar with the basics with private lessons once a week. I loved it. I had a few different teachers but mainly one teacher that I took lessons with for at least 3 years. I tended to lean towards the complex side of metal music but more instrumental technical solo'ing rather than screemo and death metal.

I enjoyed this part of playing the guitar because it was something naturally I felt comfortable adapting to because of my deep roots of classical music learned at a young age. Same with Tai-Kwan-Do a martial arts school

so same sort of concept of the deep roots. After playing guitar for so long and all the other stuff going on in my life I still stayed with music and those years of my childhood to teens has brought me to the position I am now in which is "almost famous" music producer in the EDM and Electronic industry.

A lot happened to lead me there but the most important part of it to this point is that no matter how much you do in school or how much many classes you decide to take in college, the self motivating and driven passion has to be there. Without the interest there is no progression. I learned this through rough teenage years where I had been associating with bad people and became addicted to drugs which lead me to wilderness therapy twice and residential treatment center in Utah when I was around 18.

Since then I decided to get the lingering disturbance out of my life by going to a minimal treatment program in colorado. I chose to do this and that is the difference, Looking back again to the metaphor of youth and choice how when I was young it was more of forced but then maturity. This is When I arrived at my final treatment program to get those insecurities and lack of confidence that held me back. it was more laid back program which was very comforting. I was able to live on my own in an apartment with just therapy a few times a week. This is what lead me to become something bigger than I had even considered throughout my teen years. my self Path when in boulder colorado is where the real progress came. When I was living in florida right before Colorado (The Transition from junkie to Music star) (florida to Colorado) while in florida i was really loving the genre “trap” that was still a genre with the edm aspect growing genre with not many artists doing it. I used to go to clubs in orlando and its so cool to me now because a few of the people (Xavi3r3 - Producer and DJ) and Leya Siri (Model and Trap And Bass Dancer) are two people who I have worked with which seriously proved how powerful goals can be when you actually follow them.

Long story short 2012 to 2013 is where the technical and inspiring overload came into play where I studied trap music and the types of music I was hearing at those clubs. I have promoters that I am in contact with from big networks such as Trap And Bass when I moved to Colorado where the owner would send me really helpful feedback to progress my music.

2014-2015 #1 position was my place on the charts all around the web having to do with #EDM Trap music. #EDM Trap music was still quite a new thing back then and it makes me extremely proud of myself that I was part of the musical revolution as one of the most popular #EDM #Trap artists as the genre grew.

I met some very important people and have done some major collaborations and preferably singles that have been enhancing my reputation day by day. 2016 to 2018 was an interesting phase and where things started to get foggy and my name was not really on those charts and I was less active due to mental disorders that I dealt with for a few years. I overcame those obstacles with the right help and 2018 I started to ease myself back into the spotlight but I still didn’t feel that spotlight the way it was.

I wonder to myself often is it possible to get back to those spots but even bigger? Like #Forbs and billboard? I make music as Gawtbass, Eruku, Exalted One. I have a long journey of success ahead of me because instead of wondering often about those top spots #1 on the charts I will dominate those spots effortlessly from where I see things going February, 2019.

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— Gawtbass (Graham Gawthorpe)