Gawtbass - Origins (EP)

Gawtbass - Origins (EP)


Hey everyone, I decided 2015 is my year to really make some big moves. I worked really hard on this Origins EP and decided to try and make a few $ off it. I have released almost 134 tunes 2013-2014 for free now. 2015 is the year for me to go big. I appreciate all of my fans & support, music is my life and it means the world to me to have all of you enjoy my music. - GAWTBASS

Update, 2017

I made this track 2 years ago, when I was putting out tracks every day, sometimes 2 tracks a day. I miss those days, I've been through a lot since then and this track helps me feel like myself again, motivated, inspired and always improving myself as much as possible.

By Graham Gawthorpe

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