To The Top

By Gawtbass

Enjoy my new "To The Top" EP
The inspiration behind this album was noticing how hard I have been working over the past 5 years on music, doing all self promotion and I decided it is now time to get through the point where I takeover the music industry.



By Gawtbass

Graham Gawthorpe (GAWTBASS) Releases his new original EP (Okami) consisting of 4 tracks. Each song with a different feel, overall a motivational feel and the core focused feeling of originality. Quote from Graham Gawthorpe (Gawtbass) "This EP makes me feel like myself again at times when I feel lost or unclear. It helps me bring back my original humble ego that has driven me to push forward in every way I can, day by day."





By Gawtbass

My most recent single Maestro, I decided to try some new styles of producing and I am very happy with the outcome. I feel that this track is very atmospheric and beyond the average creativity level.

- Graham Gawthorpe








BY Gawtbass

Music is my biggest passion. It helps me learn, feel emotion, inspire and much more. I love making music so much. I have a lot of passions as well but making music and listening to all kinds of music is what makes me the happiest.




BY Gawtbas



BY Gawtbass

I have been working hard to get back to the point of recognition that I was at a few years ago. Now I am ready to go all in on a comeback. I am starting to do collaborations with some huge producers and vocalists and working hard on expanding my music & style.