If you are interested in booking me for live performances, festivals, night clubs or any other events... fill out the required fields on this form. I will review the email, and email you back with a legal document to sign for what will be required from your agency to provide for the show. View my rates below:

  • Night club capacity (200-500 people) - $850
  • larger club capacity (500-1000) - $1250
  • Theater - Varied pricing depending on circumstances
  • Weddings - $1500 - $3000 depending on length of performance
  • House & After parties - chicagoland area - Negotiable
  • Festivals - Varied pricing Depending on circumstances

Rider for all events:

  • meal before the gig. for general items I may need at a store before the gig (E.g. Coffee, snacks etc.) time to relax and make sure everything is working properly with my equipment and computer.
  • Travel Expenses: If out of state: coach class airfare, round trip, transfers to and from airport. one night hotel stay for each day of the show.

Equipment: I come with my own setup, and all I need is an aux to rCA to plug into a CDJ mixer channel. the aux will plug directly into my computer. I prefer having a spot on stage in the center of the booth. so if the cDJ's could be moved to the left or right that would be best... depending on whether it is a headlining gig or support.

Extra: not required but appreciated... quality dancers as well as VDJ screen with my logo.

My preferred payment method is paypal. I do not accept checks.


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