My name is Graham Gawthorpe.

I make music as Gawtbass, Eruku and Exalted One. 

I believe I have a long journey of success ahead of me, because I no longer worry about achieving those top spots on the musical charts.  Instead, I will claim those spots effortlessly because I have been through many challenges in my short life. Here’s why….

My musical journey began at age 7, when my amazing and wonderful mother signed me up to learn cello with Suzuki music school. 

For over seven years, I worked hard in extremely dedicated learning of 15 hours per week of music theory, class and private lessons. I played concerts and did gigs with small groups at malls and private parties, which was fun for me because I was making good money as a kid. I learned a lot with Suzuki, but soon developed more of an interest in rock music and playing guitar. At the same time, I learned patience and respect for others while attending twice weekly Tai Kwon Do classes. 

It was about age 14 when I stopped taking cello lessons and picked up my first Fender guitar at the local music store in my small town of Lake Zurich. I took private lessons once a week for almost three years and I loved it. I tended to lean towards the complex side of metal music, but then gravitated towards more instrumental technical soloing, rather than screamo and death metal.

Playing the guitar came naturally to me, and I adapted easily because of my deep roots in classical music learned at a young age. After playing guitar for so long, along with all the other stuff going on in my teenage life, I stayed with music and those years of my childhood to teens brought me to the position I am in now- an "almost famous" music producer in the EDM and Electronic industry.

I then stumbled through some pretty rough teenage years, associating with bad people and becoming addicted to drugs; which led my parents to pull me out of high school and send me to wilderness therapy twice, and then to a residential treatment center in Utah. A lot had happened to lead me to this point, but the most important lesson for me was that no matter how much you do in school or how many classes you decide to take in college, self-motivation and a driven passion has to be there. 

Without passion there is no progression. 

After high school, I attended Full Sail University in Florida, where I really started to seek out and enjoy the new, fast-growing Trap genre with the EDM aspect. Not many artists were doing trap back then, so I’d go to some pretty cool clubs in Orlando where I got the chance to work with a few of incredible people such as Xavi3r3 (Producer and DJ) and Leya Siri (Model and Trap & Bass Dancer). 

This proved to me how powerful goals can be when you actually try to follow them.

After Full Sail, I decided to get the lingering disturbances out of my life by attending a minimal therapeutic treatment program in Boulder, Colorado. As I look back again to the metaphor of youth and choice, this program made the key difference - how when I was young it was more forced upon me, but then maturity finally kicked in. When I arrived at this treatment program, my goal was to lose those insecurities and lack of confidence that had held me back. This is where real progress began for me, leading me to become something bigger than I had even considered possible. 

The transition from junkie to music star had begun!  

Long story short:

2012-13 is where the technical and inspiring overload came into play. I studied and began to absorb into my repertoire the many different types of music I was hearing at those clubs, including trap, dubstep, rap, hip-hop and others. I then met with promoters from big networks such as Trap And Bass, who would send me incredibly helpful feedback to progress my music.

In 2014-15, I gained my #1 position on the charts in #EDM Trap music all around the web still quite a new thing back then, and it makes me extremely proud that I was an integral part of a musical revolution as the genre began to grow. During this time, I met some very influential people, did some major collaborations, and released singles that have been enhancing my reputation day by day.  

2016-18 was an interesting and tough phase for me. Things started to get a little foggy, and my name slipped from those charts. To be frank, I was less active due to some prior mental disorders that I had dealt well with for a few years. With my parents’ help, I began to overcome those obstacles, and later on in 2018 I started to ease myself back into the spotlight, making new songs in an incredibly competitive environment.

Every morning I now tell myself – you will get back to those earlier spots on #Forbes and billboard, and Hypem and become even bigger! 

With your help, I can do it!!